Ohio delegation gives cold shoulder to Trump

CINCINNATI (AP) — Ohio Republicans starting with Gov. John Kasich (KAY’-sik) aren’t putting out the welcome mat for Donald Trump at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

A state senator withdrew from the delegation because of her opposition to the brash New York businessman. Others are unenthusiastic about the presumptive Republican nominee, although they say they’ll take him over Hillary Clinton.

State Rep. Niraj (nih-RAHJ’) Antani (an-TAH’-nee) says delegates “all share concerns about Donald Trump.”

The Ohio delegation is loaded with loyalists to Kasich and geared up for an open-convention battle after Kasich won the state’s primary and 66 delegates in March. But Trump kept winning primaries, dashing their hopes.

Kasich isn’t endorsing Trump and he won’t speak at the convention. Neither will Sen. Rob Portman, although he does support Trump.