Cincinnati releases final report on firefighter’s death

CINCINNATI (AP) — A Cincinnati Fire Department report on a veteran firefighter’s death recommends about $2.3 million in improvements in areas including communication and training of firefighters.

Officials on Thursday released their final report on the four-alarm March 26, 2015, blaze that led to three-decade veteran firefighter Daryl Gordon’s death when he plunged into a fifth-floor elevator shaft.

Investigators have said that a firefighter used a black marker to write “Do Not Enter Open Shaft” on the elevator door two minutes before Gordon went through it while searching for residents to rescue in the dark, smoky building. But they have said no radio transmission communicating the warning was made.

The report refers to the faulty elevator door identified as the primary cause for Gordon’s death, but also lists communications failures as contributing factors.


This story has been corrected to show that the fire was March 26, 2015, not March 26, 2016.