Waukesha’s request for lake water nearing decision

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — Waukesha’s unprecedented request to draw its water supply from Lake Michigan is nearing a conclusion, but not without some late opposition from U.S. and Canadian mayors within the Great Lakes basin.

The eight Great Lakes governors meet Tuesday in Chicago for a final vote on the city’s $207 million plan to tap lake water and return fully treated wastewater. Waukesha would be the first U.S. community located outside the Great Lakes drainage basin since a compact protecting Great Lakes water became law in 2008.

Mayors across the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin are urging the governors to reject Waukesha’s request. Racine Mayor John Dickert says the city has reasonable alternatives to provide safe drinking water.

Waukesha is making the request because of radium-contaminated wells.

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