Yuck! The weird things kids swallow or stuff go on display

BOSTON (AP) — A strange display at Boston Children’s Hospital of stuff that has been removed from kids’ throats, noses or ears provides an important reminder for parents.

The collection that dates to 1918 includes a chicken claw; a Franklin Delano Roosevelt pin; a Crucifix; and a toy sheriff’s star. It’s at the entrance to the hospital’s ear, nose and throat department.

Children’s doctor Anne Hseu says it catches the eye of parents and warns them to be careful of what their child is exposed to.

It’s common for toddlers exploring their world to stick things in their mouth. Thousands of children every year are brought to emergency rooms after sticking items where they’re not supposed to go.

Button batteries, magnets and laundry detergents pods are the most common modern-day swallowing hazards.