Loud and low-carb: Cicadas are back in Ohio, West Virginia

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The 17-year cicadas are coming again.

There will be millions of them with their unnerving red eyes and orange wings and cacophonous mating song that can drown out the noise of passing jet planes.

For those who have an aversion to prawn-sized winged bugs, the next six weeks or so will be like a long horror-movie scene in large parts of Ohio and West Virginia and slivers of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. In reality, though, cicadas are harmless.

Gene Kritsky is a cicada expert at Cincinnati’s College of Mount St. Joseph. He predicts they’ll start showing up in that region in the next few days. He says they’re harmless and actually good for the environment.

Besides that, he says, they are tasty treats for dogs and cats.