Ex-MMA fighter concedes lesser counts in Las Vegas trial

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The former mixed martial arts fighter named War Machine made a tactical move to cut his prison sentence in the beating of his porn star ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in Las Vegas in August 2015.

Defense attorney Jay Leiderman conceded during closing arguments Thursday that Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver is guilty of eight domestic battery charges for hitting and injuring ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.

Leiderman says Koppenhaver also is guilty of threatening the boyfriend, Corey Thomas, to prevent him from going to police.

Those convictions could get Koppenhaver decades in prison.

But Leiderman asked the jury to acquit Koppenhaver of more serious counts including attempted murder, kidnapping and sexual assault.

They could get Koppenhaver up to life in prison.

Prosecutors want the jury to find Koppenhaver guilty of all 34 charges against him.