Final Senate seat to be settled in Louisiana Dec. 10 runoff

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — One U.S. Senate seat remains undecided from the fall elections, in Louisiana.

Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy is the front-runner in the Dec. 10 runoff against Democrat Foster Campbell, a state utility regulator.

The race has drawn donations from desperate Democrats around the country seeking a victory in their otherwise dismal election cycle. They’re supporting Campbell even though he’s pro-gun, anti-abortion and deemed such a long shot that he’s getting little assistance from the national Democratic Party.

Kennedy is banking on the popularity of Donald Trump in Louisiana to help solidify his path to victory, which is seen as all but certain barring some last-minute bombshell.

Republicans will have a slim 52-48 Senate majority next year if they hold the Louisiana seat, open because incumbent David Vitter didn’t seek re-election.