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The Associated Press plans enterprise coverage in all formats in the days before the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, in addition to spot coverage on the anniversary. Highlights of our plans, the timing of which may change, and with more details to follow:

TRAVEL-SEPT 11-NEW DOWNTOWN — Two new hotels, a downtown Eataly and a shopping mall have just opened near One World Trade, adding to an array of attractions that already includes a park, museum and a food hall, all part of a remarkable 15-year rebirth of the neighborhood from a disaster site to a destination for tourists and locals alike. By Beth J. Harpaz. SENT: 800 words, photos.

SEPT 11-AMERICAN UNITY — For a time, it felt like the attack that shattered America had also brought it together. After Sept. 11, signs of newfound unity seemed to well up everywhere, from the homes where American flags appeared virtually overnight to the Capitol steps where lawmakers pushed aside party lines to sing “God Bless America” together. That cohesion feels vanishingly distant as the 15th anniversary of the attacks arrives Sunday. By Jennifer Peltz. UPCOMING: 1,060 words by 2 a.m. Tuesday, photos, video, interactive. A shorter version will be sent for broadcast audiences.

CHILDREN OF SEPT. 11 — They were kids, or not even born yet, when America’s heart broke for them. More than 3,000 children and young adults lost a parent in the deadliest terror attack on American soil, instantly becoming known as the children of 9/11. As the 15th anniversary approaches, these children are now adults or nearly so, and their Sept. 11 legacy is now theirs to shape. By Jennifer Peltz. UPCOMING: 1,400 words in vignettes by 2 a.m. Thursday, photos, video. A shorter version will be sent for broadcast audiences.

SEPT 11-GROUND ZERO GUIDES — Some of the millions of annual visitors to the Sept. 11 national memorial take away a very different, very intimate experience: walking through a rebuilt World Trade Center, led by survivors, first responders and victims’ family members who share their personal stories as volunteer guides trained by the 9/11 Tribute Center. By Verena Dobnik. UPCOMING: 700 words by noon Friday, photos, interactive. A shorter version will be sent for broadcast audiences.

SEPT 11-ARTIFACTS — The Kennedy Airport hangar once filled with Sept. 11 artifacts to be given away for memorials around the country and the world is empty now, its thousands of items distributed. What does the end of the giveaway process 15 years after the attacks tell us about the memory of this tragedy? Is it a milestone of closure, or remind us of the thousands of individual ways we won’t let 9/11 be forgotten? By Adam Geller. UPCOMING IN ADVANCE: 1,800 words for Sunday print editions, photos, with an abridged version. A shorter version will be sent for broadcast audiences.

VIDEO: SEPT 11-GROUND ZERO — A rare and intimate 360-degree video tour of a redeveloped site that includes the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. UPCOMING: Thursday.

INTERACTIVE: SEPT 11-AMERICAN UNITY — For many, the Sept. 11 attacks mark more than a dark day in the nation’s history — the days afterward also marked the last time Americans felt such a swell of unity. How has that sense of a common purpose changed in the 15 years since the deadliest attacks on U.S. soil? UPCOMING: By 7 a.m. Tuesday.

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