Nissan keeps self-driving simple _ and not quite autonomous

YOKOSUKA, Japan (AP) — Self-driving cars may be all the rage, but when it’s a real product, coming soon from Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co., the technology gets toned down. Don’t expect to the driver to disappear for years to come.

The Serena minivan equipped with ProPilot technology relies on a single camera in the back of the driver’s rearview mirror. The car can then follow the vehicle ahead, maintaining a safe distance that the driver sets.

Nissan said Wednesday the minivan goes on sale in Japan next month. The automaker promised similar technology later in China, the U.S. and in the Qashqai sport-utility vehicle in Europe. Specific models weren’t disclosed for China and the U.S.

ProPilot is designed only to help drivers. They must keep their hands on the steering wheel.