Mitsubishi offers cash back to car owners for rigged mileage

TOKYO (AP) — Mitsubishi Motors is giving 100,000 yen ($960) to each owner of its car as a compensation for inflated mileage and extra gas costs.

The Japanese automaker said Friday it will take a 50 billion yen ($913 million) charge to cover mileage-rigging expenses, including for the eK minicar models sold in Japan since 2013, and also under the Nissan label, as well as 30,000 yen ($290) compensation each for some other Mitsubishi models.

Minicars are tiny models popular in Japan.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. acknowledged in recent months that it was systematically cheating on mileage tests on a variety of models for decades.

Last month, Nissan Motor Co. took a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi, promising to help a turnaround.