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A story based on an Associated Press analysis of U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights Office data on chronic absenteeism in K-12 schools has moved today for immediate use. The story digest is below.

Three data sets for customer localizations are available at the following link:


The spreadsheets include data on chronic student absenteeism figures at a state, district and school level — including a breakdown at the school level of absentee rates by race and gender — during the 2013-2014 school year. The analysis is based off data released yesterday by the U.S. Department of Education that show that nearly 6.5 million students missed at least 15 days of school during that year.

For questions about the analysis, contact AP Data Journalist Meghan Hoyer at mhoyer@ap.org



WASHINGTON — It’s a challenge to teach children who aren’t in class — and new government numbers show chronic absences are a big problem for schools in Washington, D.C., Washington state and Alaska. In the nation’s capital, almost one-third of schoolchildren in grades K-12 are chronically absent, meaning they miss 15 or more days during the school year, according to an AP analysis of Education Department figures. Florida had the lowest rate of absences.