Judge considers bail requests in Slender Man stabbing cases

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — A judge will consider whether to reduce bail for two Wisconsin girls accused of trying to kill their friend as a sacrifice to the horror fiction character Slender Man.

The girls have been in custody for nearly two years. A hearing is set for Friday on their requests that bond be reduced from $500,000 to an amount their families can afford.

Authorities say the girls were 12 years old when they lured a classmate into the woods and repeatedly stabbed her. Investigators say the girls hoped the 2014 attack would earn them a home in Slender Man’s mansion.

The Associated Press hasn’t identified the defendants because their cases could move to juvenile court, where proceedings are closed.

Prosecutor Ted Szczupakiewicz (zz-PAK’-uh-witz) has declined to comment on the girls’ bond requests.

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