Former White House gardener selling Hillary Clinton’s car

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP) — A retired White House gardener is selling Hillary Clinton’s 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass, which he bought at an auction for the residence’s workers and has been sitting in his Pennsylvania garage for years.

Mike Lawn tells The Evening Standard newspaper ( ) he bought the car in 2000 to give to his daughter when she turned 16, but she thought it looked too much “like an old lady’s car” and wouldn’t drive it.

The four-door sedan, complete with 1990 “Clinton for Governor” sticker on the back windshield and Arkansas license plates, only had about 29,000 miles when Lawn bought it. It currently has around 30,000.

The title still reads “Hillary Rodham Clinton” because Lawn never got the vehicle re-tagged.

Lawn, who lives in Gettysburg, says with Clinton now the Democratic front-runner in the presidential race, the time is right to sell.